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Rent a Smart in the Amalfi Coast

Smart has everything you need

Easy parking, fun driving and fuel-efficiency.

A major desire for a traveler is an efficient rental car that is balanced with comfort and performance .

Smart is a reliable automobile today.

Smarts fortwo, cabrio and Smarts forfour with a glass panoramic roof, are revolutionizing the way people approach driving.

The transmission provides instant torque the moment that the pedal is lowered.

The acceleration is smooth and the tight turning capabilities make this the ideal car for all destinations along the Amalfi drive where narrow streets and limited parking are a reality.

Rent a Smart in Positano

Smart car (the Mercedes Smart), small outside but large inside and above all in safety measure, all cabrio and automatic car.

You can rent a car without driver: a Smart car (the Mercedes Smart), small outside but large inside and above all in safety measure… they can be both cabrio and automatic car.

Should you be a family or a group of friends (3 or 4) you can rent Smart Forfour or a bigger car.

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Places to visit by car

Renting a car, as the Mercedes Smart, in the Amalfi Coast means to live an unique experience, that allows you to enjoy a close-up view towns, whose beauty is famous all over the world, like Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello, the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, where history can be relieved.

In addition, you may drive towards the Cilento area, to visit also Paestum and its magnificent ancient Greek temples and as well taste the delicious buffalo mozzarella in a such so many typical local farms.